Our services to the post-market industry

Settlement platform for
tokenized assets

Corporate registries and
incentive plan

Operational solutions
providers for a vast array
of players and their

Blockchain based
softwares’ providers

LiquidShare at a glance

2017 Funding year

of LiquidShare as a partnership of 8 leading players of the financial industry. Since then a full-fledged post-trade platform has been developed for real-use cases tested with the support of capital market and blockchain players.

3 Successful tests of the platform

during two pilots in 2018 and 2019 with nearly 20 representatives of the financial & blockchain ecosystem and regulators to experiment real-time transaction processing, custody, registry and portfolio monitoring. In 2021, LiquidShare conducted with Banque de France an experiment on CBDC for settlement of listed and non listed products.

1st Corporate client live

on the register dashboard solution together with its agent and 70+ investors since June 2020.

Key benefits

A unique source of truth

  • No more painful reconciliations between participants
  • Real time information sharing between stakeholders
  • Configurable right access by role and stakeholders

An embedded business logic

  • Automated STP business logic through smart contracts
  • Automatic execution based on participants inputs
  • For all asset classes

Security and resiliency by design

  • Single source of truth, indelible auditable record
  • Confidential by default
  • Data stored in Europe

Modular access

  • Solution reachable through multiple layers (APIs & UIs)
  • Independent & direct access via a participant node