A proprietary and permissioned

distributed ledger technology layer, the beating heart of our solution, used as the golden source of truth.. This ledger is immutable and fully auditable. As a peer-to-peer network, stakelholders have access to the very same distributed registry, with role-based access rights and controls. It enables to transact instantaneously, with real-time transfers between digital wallets and recording on the ledger

Smart contracts

enabling to model  any asset class  including innovative products,  real assets considered as illiquid  and cash as digital tokens. Smart contracts running on our distributed ledger consume real-world transactions and are automatically maintaining accounts and positions for issuers, investors and intermediaries. Every business rule is validated and enforced by mathematical and cryptographic algorithms. We apply strict access control where  only precisely identified parties across participant organizations can execute specific commands. This allows for the implementation of secure, distributed, cross organization workflows.


are one of the key components of our technological stack. Each micro-service is developed in isolation and built, tested and delivered securely and independently using continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines.

An open access to our platform

where users and systems can interact with our platform using specialised Web User Interfaces, APIs or by connecting directly to ledger nodes using native DLT/Blockchain APIs.

Cutting Edge and Entreprise Ready

The architecture is fully and natively cloud-based, highly available, scalable, secure and replicable. It is entirely event-driven (SEDA) from the UI down to the blockchain.


The LiquidShare platform has been designed using principles such as defense in depth and zero trust. It ensures data integrity, confidentiality and authenticity through multiple redundant security layers such as data encryption, data segregation and role-based access control. LiquidShare has applied the principles of defense-in-depth, zero trust and least privilege for its IT security policy.

Reliable and Confidential

The blockchain network validates and decentralizes the core business processes and allows the orchestration of workflows around a single source of truth for LiquidShare as well as network participants. LiquidShare’s blockchain is a decentralized, permission-based network on a BFT consensus with immediate transaction finality that offers all privacy and security features required for decentralized governance.


All transactions, including asset ownership,  are recorded in the ledger. The blockchain provides users with an immutable and permanent audit trail to prove occurrence and timing of transactions.