Enhance efficiency and security

for post market processes


  • Achieve fluid and seamless processes from trading to settlement for the issuance and distribution of debt instruments (commercial papers, EMTN…).
  • Bridge the gap between efficient trading platform and standard DVP within T2S/CSDs.
  • Avoid disruption of existing processes within custodians and issuer agents.


  • Ease onboarding of all stakeholders (issuers, custodians, investors and their agents, regulators, rating agencies…).
  • Full STP processing from trading to settlement.
  • Real time reporting at each stage of the process.
  • Embedded reporting to regulators/ supervisors.
  • Flexible legal framework for the management of messages and instructions.

High level model

  • Usage of full capacity of DLT and smart contracts technology.
  • Upstream and downstream STP links with trading and settlement platforms.
  • Built on existing flows between clients & custodians / custodians & CSD.
  • Easy access for all participants (APIs, Web based or nodes), customized ad hoc rights management.