BNP Paribas Global Official Institutions Conference 2022

LiquidShare attended the BNP Paribas Official Institutions Conference, an annual event where BNP Paribas welcomed […]

VivaTech – June 15-18th, 2022

The event where business meet innovation – VivaTech act as a powerful global catalyst for […]


CRYPTODAY, organised by Finance Innovation, a day dedicated to cryptoassets and related topics such as […]

At the “Europe of banking and financial services” conference on March 24, Paris EUROPLACE presented […]

LiquidShare listed in Deloitte’s panorama 2022 on payment startups

LiquidShare featured in Deloitte’s 2022 Payment Start-up Landscape

LiquidShare becomes a member of LaBChain

The opportunity for LiquidShare to share its unique expertise (both functional and in terms of […]

Tech – Truly Continuous Integration and Delivery at LiquidShare

Article by Emil Kirscher, Lead Architect @LiquidShare

Interview of Cedric Arnoult, Lead DevOps LiquidShare

Tokenization of Everything is a Matter of Time

Panel discussion – European Blockchain Convention