At the “Europe of banking and financial services” conference on March 24, Paris EUROPLACE presented its report and recommendations of its “Digital Finance and Use Cases” Committee.
Bringing together +20 stakeholders, the committee’s objectives are to identify the use cases that are developing in the field of digital money and crypto-assets, the benefits and risks associated with these new instruments, as well as the conditions for fostering the emergence of a powerful and competitive digital ecosystem in France and in Europe, as part of the “Digital Decade for Europe”.

Back to the Central Bank Digital Currency experimentation programme launched by the Banque de France in March 2020 and the various initiatives led by the French ecosystem to which LiquidShare has actively contributed, confirming its place among the key players in digital finance.
The report and press release are available here.

Paris EUROPLACE is the organization in charge of developing and promoting the Paris financial marketplace and the French financial industry internationally. It brings together all financial industry stakeholders; its 400+ members include issuers, investors, banks and financial intermediaries, insurance companies; attorneys and accountants, consulting firms, etc.

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